Dedicated Teachers That Inspire Students

Our teachers are not just daycare providers. They have a deep understanding of child development. This, coupled with observation of individual children in the classroom, allows our teachers to create respectful, nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and empowered.

With hearts and minds open, children and teachers have a solid foundation on which to build a love of education that sparks a lifelong interest in learning that continues far beyond the threshold of Kid’s Harbor Learning Center.

Science. Math. Reading. Writing. Our teachers bring these concepts to life with hands-on, sensory-orientated activities. They also inspire their students to follow their natural interests and express themselves creatively.


All employees have had a Criminal History Check and an FBI Fingerprint check prior to employment.  All employees are certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid. They have had training to recognize Child Abuse, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and Early Childhood Brain Development.  In addition they must have 30 to 32 training hours annually in various topics dealing with early childhood.  They obtain these hours by attending seminars, staff meetings, and workshops help after 6:00pm and on Saturdays.  Our employees do an outstanding job and we are proud of each and every one of them.  In the event our Employees are needed to testify in court by subpoena, your account will be charged at the rate of $25 per hour per employee.  Rate will include travel time to and from the Center and shall be paid prior to the court date with a minimum of 2 hours per employee.  Any amounts over or under paid will be reflected in your account.


“Providing quality childcare that will develop children’s social, 


Main Campus:

6000 Terrell St

Groves, Tx 77619

Phone: 1(409)962-1000

emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative growth.”


Second Campus:

3515 Main Ave

Groves, Tx 77619

Phone: 1(409)962-2000