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Hours Of Operation:

Kid’s Harbor Learning Center will be open Monday thru Friday, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, January thru December unless otherwise noted here within our Holidays tab. However, our infant rooms hours have been shortened to 7:00am to 5:30pm.

Kid’s Harbor has an open door policy and we welcome parents to visit at any time including field trips, parties, and other classroom activities. Please try to plan your visits at times that will not disrupt the children’s nap schedule. If seeing you will upset your child we ask that you take this into consideration before coming for a visit.


 Kid’s Harbor Learning Center will provide transportation to and from many of the local schools. It is the parent’s responsibility to let the center know when your child will not be picked up by Kid’s Harbor Learning Center. We will not leave a school until all of the children on our roll sheet are accounted for.

If you do not call to let Kid’s Harbor Learning Center know that your child(ren) does not need to be picked up there will be an added charge of $10 to your account, per child, for the time used contacting someone to find your child. After the third occurrence, this fee will double.

If your child misses the van due to an error on the part of the school or parent, it will be the responsibility of the parent or the school to get the child to the center. We will not return to the school after our scheduled pick-up time.

We are concerned at all times for the safety of your child. If your child causes disruptions on the bus or van, you will be notified of his or her behavior. If your child continues to cause disruptions, Kid’s Harbor Learning Center has the right to refuse to provide transportation at any time to any child at the owner’s discretion.


The Texas Department of Public safety has passed a new law that if your child is 8 years or younger and under 4’9” tall they must ride in a booster seat at all times.  June 1, 2010 officers will enforce this.

Parents with a child or children that require transportation to and from our center must provide a booster seat if this law pertains to your children. Booster seats must stay in our vans until the child is unenrolled and at that time it will be returned to you. In the event a booster seat expires (6 years after manufacture date), you will be notified to pick it up, if it is not picked up it will be discarded in the trash by Kid’s Harbor Learning Center.

“Providing quality childcare that will develop children’s social, 


Main Campus:

6000 Terrell St

Groves, Tx 77619

Phone: 1(409)962-1000

emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative growth.”


Second Campus:

3515 Main Ave

Groves, Tx 77619

Phone: 1(409)962-2000