School News: 

Students will take a dive into the Ocean this month. They will be learning all about life under the deep, dark sea! 

With summer making way for the new school year, be on the lookout for any notices for nap mat replacements. Mats that have any amount of damage to them are out of compliance and will need to be replaced as stated by Minimum Standards. A note will be sent home if any damage has occurred to your child’s mat requesting a replacement within a three-day window. Keep an eye out for nap mats since they are starting to hit shelves with the back-to-school items! 

Daycare News: 

Our drop off cut off is 9:00am and will be strictly enforced. Should your child have an appointment in the morning, we require you to communicate with our office staff beforehand and bring a return note upon arrival. You MUST walk your child to the door, check them in on the ProCare machine and make contact with a teacher before leaving your student. 

We’re getting into hurricane season so be sure to sign up to our Remind 101 for all weather updates! 

Summer Camp:

Summer camp is staying on course to an eventful adventure. Please pay close attention to field trip times as we ask that your child is checked in no later than 15 minutes before out scheduled departure to make sure all required items are present. If you’d like to find a copy of our calendar, click here.

Special Days this Month:

Independance Day 7/ 4 

If you have a question about our Holiday Closures they can be found here.

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Our philosophy is the belief that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. With these relationships in place, children develop a capacity for trust, competence and independence that helps them grow as students and people.

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