Medical – Emergency Forms:

 A medical emergency form is mandatory for each child in our Center.  On your child’s enrollment form is a place to include their shot record, any allergies, the child’s doctor and hospital you would wish to be used in an emergency.  Please include emergency phone numbers and someone other than the parent in the event the parent cannot be reached.

The shot record must be up to date and signed by a physician.  We can take a copy of the shot record.  A physician’s signature is also required stating that the child is physically able to participate in the Center’s program.  These forms are required by the state.  You will have 7 days from the time of enrollment in which to obtain up-to-date shot records.  Any time your child has an appointment to receive shots you will need to provide an updated copy of the shot records.  It is your responsibility to keep your child current on immunizations and provide us with the updated record.  Kid’s Harbor has to right to refuse enrollment or drop any child from enrollment that is not current on immunizations.


Children are children and accidents will happen.  In the event of an emergency we will contact the parents.  If parents cannot be reached, we will take the child to the nearest medical facility.  Minor accidents will be treated at the center and a report will be sent home at the end of the day.  If there is any blood present we will notify you immediately.

Illness – Disease – Medication

Should your child require medicine to be administered during the day, you must sign a medicine form.  Be sure to sign the child’s name, name of the medication, amount to be given, time it is to be dispensed, and your signature.  We cannot give any medication without your signature.  Medicine must be in the original container with your child’s name on the container.  All medicine must be kept out of the reach of children.  Please give medicines to director to be stored properly.  Only the Director or Assistant Director will administer the medicine.  We reserve the right to stop administering over the counter medication without a doctor’s prescription, after weeks of administering the same medication.

In order to administer any medication to your child, if they do not meet both the weight and age requirements on the bottle, we must have a doctor’s prescription.  A doctor’s prescription must also accompany any samples given to you by your doctor with the child’s name, amount of medication to be given and how often the medication is to be given.  Medication that is needed once or twice a day needs to be given at home.

You will be notified if your child is not feeling well, has temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, or pick up any other extreme condition.  You are to make immediate arrangements to come and pick them up.  If you are not able to pick up your child with in 30 minutes of our phone call you will be charged a late fee of $10 for the first 10 minutes and $1 per minute after the first 10 minutes.  After 24 hours, symptom free, the child may be readmitted to the Center.  These fees must be paid before your child is allowed to return.



Anytime you bring your child to the Doctor/Clinic for any type of illness, please get a signed release from the Doctor/Clinic stating that the child can return to the Center.  They cannot return without this release.

Communicable diseases common to children are carefully watched for, including head checks for lice, listening to children’s complaints, and checking with you about possible symptoms or problems experienced by the child.

Should someone enrolled in our Center contact anything contagious you are always notified by a dated, public notice.  Please notify us if your child has a contagious disease.  You would not want your child exposed to any illness/disease any more than we would want your child exposing others.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

At this time the local health department does not require a TB test for admittance to day care.  If this requirement changes you will be given notification and time to comply with the change.

In the event your child has head lice, he/she will be sent home and will not be accepted back into care until he/she is nit free. We have a no nit policy.  This means they cannot return until all nits (eggs) are removed.

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