When it comes to the safety of your child, there’s no such thing as being too careful. That’s why Kid’s Harbor employs proprietary technology that allows our staff instant access to your child’s medical information, arrival and departure times, and the names of people authorized for drop off and pick up.

To ensure your child’s safety, it is our strict policy that only authorized personnel are admitted into our building. Beyond keeping children safe, we believe children learn better when they feel they are in a secure and comfortable environment.


Operational Policies, Parent Notification & Involvement:

Handbooks are distributed upon enrollment into the facility and as updates occur. These policies are updated periodically and will be distributed accordingly. An acknowledgement of policy changes will be required upon receipt of the updates. A copy of the updated handbooks will be available in the Director’s office. 

Parent notifications will be conducted by postings via Remind 101, email, Facebook, and online.. Information on how to sign up for Remind101 can be found on here.

We encourage you to be involved in your child’s day here at Kid’s Harbor Learning Center. We host holiday parties, Parent and Child activities, and Field Trips throughout the year. We encourage families to sign up to bring items, as well as, invite you to attend these events. Daily reports, resources on growth & development and handouts for family involvement activities will be sent home in your student’s backpack. Developmental checklists and assessments are done within the classroom to track your child’s growth, development and development help with teaching instruction. Parent/Teacher conferences can be scheduled for uninterrupted times at your convenience. Community resources as well as resources

Parent – Employee Interaction:

Employees of Kid’s Harbor Learning Center are not allowed to care for children enrolled in our programs outside of the center. Please do not ask our teachers to babysit or do special favors for you, or your children. This is to keep from creating a conflict of interest both inside and outside of the center.

The owner reserves the right to dismiss any family and/or employee for violation of this policy. Parents are not allowed to call or text employees to inquire about children at any time. All questions or concerns regarding your child should be directed to the office staff, not the teacher. The office will facilitate a parent/teacher conference if needed. 

In the event our Employees are needed to testify in court by subpoena, your account will be charged at the rate of $25 per hour per employee. Rate will include travel time to and from the Center and shall be paid prior to the court date with a minimum of 2 hours per employee. Any amounts over or under paid will be reflected in your account.

Internet Policy: 

While having a child(ren) enrolled in Kid’s Harbor Learning Center, you will agree to engage in a positive manner with our social media accounts. We want you to speak to us about your problems in regards to our facility, NOT read about them on social media. If, at any point, you speak false accusations and/or make a post claiming false information on social media legal action can be taken against you if necessary. Any disparaging comments, slander, or derogatory comments made to Kid’s Harbor Learning Center, staff, or families will be grounds for immediate dismissal from our program. 

“Providing quality childcare that will develop children’s social, 


Main Campus:

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emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative growth.”


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