Field Trips and Holidays

Field Trips: 

During the school year our classes go on a number of field trips.  You will be notified of these field trips prior either by the monthly calendar, newsletter, or a reminder notice.  Permission slips will be sent home each time a class goes on a field trip.  Please be sure to return the permission slip in order for your child to participate.  If your child misbehaves on the field trip, he/she may not be allowed to go on the next field trip.  Children will be transported by the Center’s vans or the Center’s school bus.  Minimum Standard Rules and the Department of Public Safety, regulate how children must be secured in a vehicle.  We will follow all laws and rules when transporting your child to ensure your child’s safety.  You cannot drop-off or pick-up your child from the field trip site.

Sunscreen and Insect repellent:  Our teachers will be happy to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 50 and/or insect repellant during outside time if needed.  You must send a separate bottle of each for siblings.  You must supply both items and sign a release for that allows us to apply them.  If you do not provide these items we will not be able to use anyone else’s on your child.


  • The center will be closed on the following holidays:
  • New Year’s Day   
  • Good Friday          
  • Memorial Day        
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day             
  • Thanksgiving and the Day After
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day      

Any holiday falling on a Saturday will be observed on the Friday before the Holiday.  Any holiday falling on a Sunday will be observed on the Monday following the holiday.  Full rates are to be paid on these holidays.  No discounts.  Any change in the holiday schedule will be posted two weeks in advance.