Attendance and Dress Code



We encourage you to bring your child in early enough to participate in the morning program.  All children need some time to play and learn before lunch and naptime.  We understand that emergencies, doctor appointments, etc. will come up, but it is your responsibility to notify us by 9:00am if you will be bringing your child in late at which time we will make the decision if attendance that day will be allowed.  We adjust our child/staff ratio as needed and we may not have room for your child if we are not notified.

 We discourage parents from dropping off or picking up children between the hours of 11:30am – 2:00pm.  This is our rest time and bringing them in during this time interrupts children who are already napping.  It is up to the Director or Assistant if attendance will be allowed.      

Please be aware of your child’s lunch and snack time.  If you bring them in after your child’s class has eaten we do not have additional teachers or food to sit with your child in order for him to eat after their scheduled time.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your child has been fed if they are to miss their regularly scheduled eating times.

You must accompany your child into the Center each day.  Enter your code, which allows your child in the building, as well as, checks them in for the day.  Walk with your child to his/her appropriate classroom.  Make sure you leave your child with one of the staff.  Do not allow your child to walk to his/her classroom alone.  When you pick your child up you must enter in your code, and at that time sign your child out on the screen.  Make sure the teacher or Director knows that you are taking your child.

We will not release children without expressed consent.  Anytime you need someone else to pick up your child, you must notify us in advance.  If they are not on your pick-up form they will not have a code to get into the building.  We will ask this person for identification.  This is to protect you and your child and to avoid any misunderstanding.  Make sure this person’s name is listed with us.  We ask that all family and friends that will be picking your child up on a regular basis have their own code or fingerprint in our system.  This is so that we can identify who picked up your child by computer codes.  An adult must pick up your child.  Please do not send another child in to pick up your child, we will not allow your child to leave. 

Parents for the protection of your child please do not give out your code to anyone.  If parents are divorced we must have a copy of the divorce papers on file in order to assist in following the visitation decree.  If someone shows up to pick up your child against a court order we will attempt to make contact with you and the police will be contacted.   

Dress Code:

Please dress your child play-safe.  No dangling earrings, jewelry, or shoes they cannot run and play in.  Flip flops, dress shoes, shoes with heels, and shoes that are not secure on your child’s foot present a safety hazard.  Please do not send your child to school in these types of shoes.  Girls need to wear shorts under their dresses.  Print child’s name on all clothing (hats, sweaters, coats, etc.)  We are not responsible for any clothing that gets soiled, torn or lost.